Augmented Reality

Overlaying information in physical space greatly improves situational awareness and allows users to make more impactful decisions when and where it is needed.

Virtual Reality

Fully immersive experiences increase recall and safety by allowing users to train prior to operating in real-world environments.

IoT AR Visualization

Giving eyes to IoT through augmented reality allows users to better understand conditions and take action at the right place and at the right time.

Vision Science

Our vision science offers a variety of ways to better your user experience and to supplement existing VIO solutions in our software.

Remote Expert

Subject-matter experts (SMEs) assess and solve issues in a short period of time, across a variety of environments. With Remote Expert, your SME is accessible to you in the field and on-demand.

3D Modeling

Our team of 3D modelers create high-fidelity representations, accurately depicting equipment and processes for AR and VR training or operational demonstrations.

Biometric Feedback AR/VR Integration

We acquired NASA patents in physiological modulation and are working on integrating biometric readings into our AR and VR software solutions.

Motion Capture

Our access to StarLabs, a world-class motion-capture studio, allows us to run full-scale VR and AR simulations, tracking performance and evaluating results. These simulations and data capture greatly increase efficient output in real-world scenarios.

360 Video Capture

Capture environments in 360° video and integrate with virtual reality to easily monitor high-risk areas in real time. For operations, use 360° video for realistic spatial understanding of processes in advance.