What is Ario?

Ario is a productivity platform that increases safety and efficiency in industrial environments by giving organizations the ability to use augmented reality to easily create and share spatial documentation in a matter of minutes.

Ario iOS App

The Ario mobile app gives you the ability to add AR labels, attach multimedia, and find any items that have labels.


  • Checking in and waypointing to data
  • Easy viewing of data
  • Simple placement of data
  • Display IoT data
  • Attach media (videos, PDFs, image, instructions, IoT data graphcs, word assignments, notes)

Ario Web Portal

The Ario Web Dashboard is a content management system where managing users, AR content, and analytics is made easy.


  • Manage teams & users
  • View analytics
  • Associate data with PIPs
  • Manage content for PIPs
  • Add videos, PDFs, images and other media

Multi-industry benefits


View connected data and graphs at the source in the real world


Boost workflow with navigation to assets & real-time, spatially-relevant data and analytics


Increase retention by attaching step-by-step work instructions on equipment in the workspace


Connect your CRM to manage products and track sales at their real-world locations


Protect your data with our simple and secure protocols


Enhance service members by increasing situational awareness

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